Special cat cafés in Hungary – And Why Cat Museum Budapest has more to offer

2022. September 1.

Do you love coffee shop experiences almost as much as you love cats? Then you will find yourself at home in a cat café! How do cat cafés work? Which is the best cat café in Hungary? With our article you will find all the answers.

What is a cat café?

No, a cat café is not a place where kitties sip coffee, eat cookies and meet friends. 😊

A cat café is just like a regular café – except for the cats. While sipping a delicious cup of coffee or tea, you can pet, hug, and play with the café’s cats.

Sounds fun, right? But what is the purpose of cat cafés?

If you don’t have the time or space to take care of and have your own pet, or you just simply want an ‘excuse’ to spend time with cute kitties, a visit to a cat café will be a fun and relaxing experience. Visiting a cat café is a great date idea for cat lovers and a relaxing escape from the stresses of everyday life.

The history of cat cafes

Japan is the country most people consider the cat café capital of the world, but the idea of cat-friendly cafés was actually born in Taiwan. In 1998, the first cat café was established in Taipei.

The news soon spread in Japan, where the country’s first cat cafe opened in Osaka in 2004.

Soon after, the cat cafe revolution really took off. In an instant, dozens of cat cafés appeared in Japan’s big cities, but especially in Tokyo, where small apartments and long working hours make it difficult to be a full-time pet parent.

So, if you are in Japan, we definitely recommend taking the time to explore the country’s best cat cafés.

Of course, you don’t need to go to the Japan to get to know these great places. There are hundreds of cat cafés in different countries around the world. Many of them are in Asia, but there are also fantastic cafés in Australia, France, Austria and the UK.

Are there any cat cafes in Hungary? Oh yes.

Cat cafés in Hungary

Of course, Hungary, including Budapest, could not miss out on this global trend, and several traditional cat cafés have opened in the country in recent years.

Why does Cat Museum Budapest have more to offer than a traditional cat café?

Cat Museum Budapest offers a unique twist compared to the traditional cat café experience.

It is a real interactive cat museum with unique paintings, cat lover gifts, and various artworks. Although you’ll find soft drinks and a coffee machine here, the focus is on the cats and the time you spend together rather than the cafe experience.

Here you will find a lot of educational and entertaining information about the different cat breeds, which can be a great pastime for children, for example.

In addition to informative facts, logic games and interactive tools entertain the guests who come here.

It’s an excellent place if you’re looking for a family activity and want to relax, but it’s also a great choice for team building activities.

Connecting with cats is also a cure for loneliness and isolation, so visiting a place like Cat Museum Budapest is a relaxing and soothing experience.

Cat café etiquette tips 

Many cat cafés have faced criticism in recent years since cats like a peaceful, quiet environment, and a bustling café is not exactly that.

In addition, during the opening hours of most cat cafés, the coffee machine is constantly humming, several conversations are going on at the same time, not to mention the music playing in the background.

This is where Cat Museum Budapest also makes a big difference compared to traditional cat cafés.

The opening hours are limited, and we can only accommodate a certain amount of people. We are absolutely determined to work for the well-being of the cats.

In addition, instead of focusing on food and drinks, we would like you to be able to spend as much quality time as possible with our cats and participate in interesting games where you can learn so much about these beautiful creatures.

If you are visiting us for the first time, you can have a great experience by following the etiquette tips below, and you will also be doing good for the cats:

  • Don’t wake up a sleeping cat
  • Do not make sharp, loud sounds
  • Don’t ‘chase’ the kittens or force them into interactions that make them feel uncomfortable
  • Would you like to take a picture? That’s okay, just make sure the flash is off
  • Eat and drink only in designated areas
  • Don’t feed the kittens
  • Do not bring your own cat (or dog 😊)
  • If you would like to hold the kittens, you should wear long pants

For more detailed information, check out our guide

You can also read the etiquette rules of the Cat Museum Budapest upon entering!

Of course, every cat café in Hungary has its own rules and guidelines, so it is worth checking them before visiting the cafés. You can also read the etiquette rules of the Cat Museum Budapest upon entering!

If you are interested in this true paradise of cats, we look forward to welcoming you to Cat Museum Budapest!

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Our cats can’t wait to meet you!