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    +36 30 8500 115

    Opening Hours

    Mo-Fr: 14:00-20:00
    Sat-Sun: 10:00-13:00; 14:30-19:00


    1054 Budapest,
    Vadász u. 26 a


    House Rules:

    • It is NOT allowed to bring a dog inside.

    • A change of shoes is mandatory – indoor slippers are available at the entrance, but you can also bring your own.

    • Hand disinfection is mandatory before petting the cats, disinfectant is available at the counter.

    • Be careful where you step because some cats like to follow people’s footsteps.

    • Please approach a sleeping cat very gently and quietly.

    • Do not frighten the animals and avoid sudden movements.

    • Do not shout or talk too loudly in the facility’s area.

    • If you want to hold the kittens in your lap, it is advisable to arrive in long pants.

    • The cats living here are gentle and friendly, but can be petted at your own responsibility.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you fall in love with one of the paintings, ask us about it on the spot, some of the exhibited paintings can be purchased.  Some series are created seasonally by our painters.

    The cats living inside are not adoptable, they are privately owned, and after the familirazion, it would not do them any good if the team were constantly changing.

    Of course, all kittens have received the mandatory vaccinations, at the necessary intervals they are taken for veterinary examination and are provided with anti-parasitic drops.

    All tickets are valid for a 90-minute, i.e. 1.5-hour time interval, but if someone really forgets about time, they can stay a little longer, we don’t take this so strictly.

    If you want to visit the cats on a regular basis, the Cat Care pass is for this purpose.

    With the pass, you can stay in the whole area of ​​the Cat Museum, because the cats can also move freely, but it is advisable to choose the Relax nook located at the very back of the gallery, which is the closest to the feeding area of the cats.

    Yes, you can out any hungarian address in the online booking form (it is only for the electronic invoice).