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Relax in the company of cats!

The lower level of the museum guides visitors along the theme of Cats in the World, meanwhile view they can view various well-known and contemporary paintings. On the upper level, in the Jungle Room, interesting information is available about the biological peculiarities of cats and their various breeds. Our visitors can watch movie screenings there and take a Quiz game on a tablet in the
middle room. The Relax nook at the back provides a place where you can take a break in
the company of your pets, while listening to soothing forest soundtracks.

Meet our cats!

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Visit the Museum's exhibition!

Check out the special painting collection and gain new knowledge! The artworks of the Gallery change seasonally.

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If you would regularly visit and pet our cats, the 9 occasion pass is suitable for you! More details in the Tickets menu.

Look around in the Gift Shop!

A large selection of designer kitty jewelry, t-shirts, pillows and accessories awaits you in the Gift Shop! Surprise yourself or your loved ones with a special gift!

Find your own Virtual Cat!

Would you like to sneak a little fun into your everyday life? Did you like one of our cat residents so much that you want to see him or her every day? More info in Our Cats menu!

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